How To Stop A Garnishment?

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The most effective and fastest ways to stop garnishments is by filing for bankruptcy.

Several clients ask how they can stop their student loan garnishment or how they can stop general wage garnishments that are deducted from their paycheck. Being garnished can be demoralizing and terrifying. Oftentimes those who are being garnished are individuals who are already struggling with their day to day expenses. The extra money withheld from a paycheck on a garnishment can be the straw that breaks the camels back for thousands of families across the United States. However, with the guidance of a Nebraska wage garnishment attorney, you may be able to put a stop to the garnishments.

What Is The Fastest Way To Stop Garnishments?

The most effective and fastest way to stop garnishments is by filing for bankruptcy. When you file for relief under the bankruptcy code a court order called the "Automatic Stay" goes into effect. Essentially the automatic stay prevents creditors from continuing any action to collect a debt from you. This means that if you were being garnished, the automatic stay will stop future garnishments allowing you to keep your hard-earned wages. Not only does the automatic stay prevent creditors from garnishing your wages it will oftentimes erase the debt you were being garnished for in the first place.

Although filing for bankruptcy will stop most garnishments, you should be aware that filing bankruptcy will not help stop any garnishments related to child support or other non-dischargeable debts like student loans or recent tax liability.

Can I Get My Garnishment Money Back?

At Lepant Law Office, PC, LLO we specialize in helping our clients stop garnishments so they can get back to living their lives. We can stop all future garnishments by helping you file for bankruptcy ensuring that you receive your full paycheck. Oftentimes we are also able to get the Creditor who garnished your wages to issue a garnishment refund check as long as the amount garnished was over $600.00 from a single creditor and the garnishment occurred during the 90 days before the bankruptcy filing date. Please keep in mind that every individual case is different and there are several other issues to analyze to see if you will receive a garnishment refund or whether you would be able to keep the funds once receiving them. Therefore it is important that you meet with our bankruptcy attorneys to learn how a garnishment refund would work in your unique case. The process of filing for bankruptcy is fast and affordable. With today’s technology you can even file for bankruptcy from the comfort of your own home. We try to do as much heavy lifting as we can to make it as easy for you to file and get your hard-earned wages back.

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