What Is A Facebook Legacy Contact?

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It sounds odd to say but Facebook has become a staple in our modern-day society. For many of us, Facebook is where we get our news, reconnect with old friends, and share a snippet of our life for loved ones to see. Facebook has transformed into a community where we can catch up on events from our extended families, share our favorite wedding albums, and post old high-school “throwbacks” remembering the good old days. But what happens to this unique space we create when we die? Facebook created a “Legacy Contact” allowing you to choose a loved one to care for your Facebook account when you pass from this life.

Legacy Contact

According to Facebook, “A legacy contact is someone you choose to look after your account if it’s memorialized. If you add a legacy contact, that person will be able to make decisions about your account once it is memorialized.” Essentially, a legacy contact is a person you chose who can take care of your Facebook account after you have passed.

Why Do I Need A Legacy Contact?

When a loved one dies, oftentimes their passwords die with them. Without the proper password, those left behind will be unable to inform friends and family of the unexpected news. The main reason we suggest that you assign a legacy contact is so that the legacy contact can share a final message or last words on your behalf. This is very important because this final update can provide information about the date, time, and place for a memorial service to be held in your honor. The legacy contact can also submit a final profile/cover photo for the deceased person to be remembered by. Lastly, a legacy contact can request the removal of your account should you desire your profile no longer exist on Facebook’s database.

What Can’t A Legacy Contact Do?

A legacy contact is given special permissions but is not given full access to the account. A legacy contact cannot log into your full account, read your messages, or remove any of your friends or make any new friend requests. Facebook likely does not want people thinking the deceased person is still alive and communicating. A legacy contact cannot replace a valid will and testament.

For specific instructions on how to “add, change or remove” a legacy contact on Facebook click here.

What Matters Most

We hope this article can help you prepare for the future in regards to your Facebook account. Hopefully, this made you think about what life will be like for your loved ones after you pass from this Earth. Now that we have taken care of the "important" things like Facebook, what is going to happen to everything else you own when you die? Let us help prepare your Will & Last Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Living Will.

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